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The earth is the Lord's but He gave it to man to look after

Healthy soils and pasture at Gracefarm produce healthy stock

Good husbandry is a core value at Gracefarm. Husbandry, not a term used so much these days, but  speaks of care and understanding the needs of the soil, pasture and stock that graze. These three are intrinsically interwoven in the cycle of production.

Central to this is the nitrogen cycle or more specifically the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by clover legumes. Clover have this unique ability, through rhizobia bacteria, contained in nodules on the clover roots to convert atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into ammonia  (NH3) which can be be used by plants for growth. Grasses need nitrogen to grow and therefore there is this amazing symbiotic relationship between these two pasture species.

Good husbandy involves managing the soil, pastures and stock to encourage the right balance in pasture species (clover and grasses) so sufficient nitrogen is available for optinum and sustainable pasture growth without using artificial nitrogen.

More about this later. Recently we undertook soil and pasture testing to determine nutrient status and requirement.  Here are our results:

Soil test results

Please click here for soil test results

 please click here for pasture tissue test results


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