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Common Land

Land Area.

The farm is 97.6679 hectare (241 acres) comprised in mainly two unique Land Use Areas

Working Farm  45 hectares  (111 acres)  click here,more about working farm 

Conservation   52.5 hectares (130 acres)click here, more about conservation


The rural residential area and common road comprise 5.5 hectares


Benefits of common land ownership  

Click here :more about benefits

Enjoying farm ownership without the hassle of caring for the stock and farm.

Enjoy walking and riding in wide open spaces. Walking tracks  through the farm and native bush conservation areas, and to the Te Hana river.

Enjoy the social benefits  of being part of a productive, conservation aware group of land owners. 

Security – Through the  relatively private and ‘closed’ character of the subdivision.

Financial rewards- the productive farm yields a profit for the owners.  download the Grace Farm Handbook

Firewood – all you’ll need.

Grazing domestic animals  (horse, beef etc)  by  arrangement through the Inc Society/ working farm lessee.

Future Land use opportunities – Possibilities both in farm land use or provision of amenities for Owners.

Carbon  Credits – The EMS (Emisions Trading Scheme) was introduced on the 1st July 2010. Gracefarm is  registration and earns carbon credits from the conservation areas. This is another source of income for the owners.

Choose level of involvement. Owners can choose the level of use or involvement in the common land which may range from zero—just enjoying the benefit of hassle free Rural residential living--- through to potentially being the lessee of the working farm. Most lot owners will simply enjoy all the benefits and reap the rewards

Family. This is a great place for children. It is safe in the sense it is away from main roads and there is a community environment where residents will 'watch out' for each other.  The farm gives scope for children to explore, have contact with nature and get some 'hands on' experience with animals. While it is never possible to mitigate all potential hazards in life, Gracefarm provides a lifestyle and environment that is safe but exciting, active, expansive and  healthy for you and your family. 

Working Farm

The Vision is: Farm land productively,efficiently and sustainably.

Background: Since 1992 the land has been farmed by Ray as a valuable and enjoyable part time occupation. Find out more about Ray and his experience and knowledge

Continuity of management is essential to protect your interest in the common land. Currently Ray leases the Working farm from Gracefarm Inc. Society which manages the common land on behalf of lot owners. The initial lease was for a term of 6years (3X2) commenced on 1st June 2008.
Down load Farm lease agreement
The rules for Gracefarm Inc. require that the productive land is leased to a farmer sympathetic to the concept and common ownership. Find out more: Down load the management agreement 

Doug and Glenys Phillips who have purchased a section on Gracefarm are very successful farmers and they have already expressed an interest in taking on the lease in a few years time. Find out why the Phillips purchased here

The land carries up to 200 cattle, here are friends helping to move the cows




cattle.jpg driveway.jpg Poplar_Lane_small.jpg

Income: Gracefarm Inc. earns rent income from leasing the farm land and rent from the cottage. Also Gracefarm has registering the covenanted bush area (52.5 hectare) with the emissions trading scheme for which it will earn carbon credits as another source of income.  There are some costs in maintaining the road and entrance and administration. The net income is distributed back to lot owners. The return to the each lot owner for the year to 31st March 2013 was $1800 while Gracefarm Inc. Society also retained some money in reserve for the year


Enjoy the amazing mature and regenerating native bush which is secured by covenant now and for future generations.

We (Pam and Ray) were responsible for completing the fencing and planting plan under the resource consent. The conservation area is all fenced, surveyed and consented.  We have planted over 40,000 native trees since 2008. All this conservation protects riparian margins (stream beds) and steeper hill country.

There are  areas of mature quality  native bush. One area of 12 hectare has a  boundary  to the Te Hana River, Kaipara Harbour. This  is classified SNA (Significant Natural Asset) in the Auckland District Plan  and has mature Totara, Kauri, Karaka, Puriri and a wide variety of other native species.

While all the essential planting has been completed we continue enhancement planting in the conservation/ restoration areas adding a greater variety of native trees. New owners may enjoy being part of this but there is no obligation.

Amazing bird life abound.
birdlife.jpg ferns.jpg Te_Hana_river.jpg



A cottage and cabin on the common land is currently rented producing income for owners

The cottage is available to rent to the Lessee of the common land if it should be required

Ray and Pam (vendors) have made certain commitments in regard to the Maintenance of the cottage

The common land is entitled to have one residential dwelling thereon.


Road Access

Access to Rural Residential sites is from Mangawhai road

The private road is part of the common land and jointly owned.

The road is constructed to a very high engineering standards, tarsealed with a 6 meter wide carriage way

The road and storm water is managed by Gracefarm Inc. Society on behalf of owners




Small areas of maturing Radiata Pine plantations are part of common ownership

Proceeds from harvesting is income for the owners and may be reinvested in appropriate replanting at the discretion of the owners



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