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Great benefits in common Land Ownership on Gracefarm

When you buy your freehold lot on Gracefarm you also buy a share in the farm and all it's benefits.

Explore the obvious and hidden treasures in this unique ownership

You can also find out more about the common land: 
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Obvious treasures:

  • Enjoy the freedom of not being constrained to only your section. Walk, run, mountain bike or ride your horse on your land.
  • Graze your own animal, a horse or calf for you own use.
  • Water. Gracefarm has a great water supply and this is supplied to each lot as required.
  • Go for a picnic or explore in the bush on the hills, beside the stream or trek out to the Te Hana river on the south boundary.  find out what others say
  • Te_Hana_river.jpgferns.jpg
         Grace_Farm_10.jpg Gracefarm_buttercup_12.jpg Gracefarm_Kaur Gracefarm_Totara_and_pond 
  • Be resourceful, collect your firewood to keep warm in winter. There is plenty of it. Gum, Pine, Wattle, Macrocarpa and sometimes some Tea Tree. Already the owners occupying Gracefarm work together each year to cut and split their firewood. There is opportunity to cooperate together in  this and  use the quad and trailer for carting and  share the hire of a wood splitter.  But, if you don't want to have an open fire that's fine.
  • On a farm there are lots of resources that can be available to owners.  Old totara  or pine fence posts, maybe some No. 8 wire or Punga poles. There are native plants that can be sourced from the bush.  Things useful for landscaping and ornaments.  click here to see Pam's floral art 
  • Home kill meat: Owners have the opportunity to own, pasture and grow an animal for their domestic use. click here for article on homekill. There is nothing like having your own meat in the freezer! It is legal to do this home kill, providing you own the animal grazing on your land. Individually or collectively owners may graze some sheep for this purpose also. Ray and probably other future owners will have the skills to kill and dress a lamb or mutton for domestic use.
  • Horse(s) Gracefarm is "family friendly" So there is provision  for  owners to graze a horse on the common land for riding. There may be an agistment fee to pay for this. The manager of the common land may also look after your horse in your absence. Just a matter of arrangement.
  • Financial:  Gracefarm Inc. Society is established as a profit making enterprise. see working farm  The lessee/farmer pays rent. The cottage and cabin on the land are also rented out at present. There is an annual income of between $25,000 to $28,000 pa. After administration and management expenses the net profit or part thereof is returned to the lot owner.  That may be between $1000 and $2000 pa to each 1/12th share.  Many other Farm Park developments charge lot owners an annual levy to maintain the common land and facilities.  On Gracefarm we have intentionally avoided having commonly owned facilities  i.e tennis court or swimming pool or dressage ring for horses. If these are estabished they must be maintained. This doesn't prevent owners, in the future, creating some things together but if and when they do, they collectively will weigh up the cost involved.  A prevailing philosophy behind the concept of Gracefarm is 'taking ownership and accountability'  So there is individual ownership of each lot, then there is ownership of the common land and most of that responsilbilty is taken by the lessee
  •     Enviromental: This is both an obvious and a hidden treasure. Gracefarm is developed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are over 52 hectares of native bush (some recently planted) click here to check out conservation    The New Zealand government introduced an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) on 1st July 2010. This established a proceedure to reduce carbon emissions. Gracefarm has 22 hectare registered as a permanent carbon sink which earns carbon credits annually. Ownership at Gracefarm entitles you to these credits. Another source of Income for Gracefarm owners. 
Hidden treasures
"How do you value  these hidden treasure. What others will you find if you live here"
  • Clean air. So clear you can smell the daisies (and not the carbon)
  • Cool clear water. Whether it's your own collected rain water or the fresh clear spring water from the community supply. OR whether you drink it or use it to grow your garden
  • Listen to the birds. Our grandchildren have learnt, with us, to talk to Mr and Mrs Thrush in the morning as they sing back to us. Or the Tui feasting on the flax seed heads.
  • Watched Mrs Duck and her clutch of eight scampering across the paddock this morning. And Mrs Pukeko and her chicks, then Mr Pheasant in his brilliant plumage squawking as he flew out of the long grass beside the creek. And here is Mr Heron down by the river
  • birdlife.jpg
  •  What about your children experiencing country life. We've had great time with our children and grandchildren out working the cattle together. What confidence it builds. Here we are:
  • 000_1625_1.jpgToddStock2_1.jpg
  •  Enjoy watching 'this large garden of yours' grow.  See the native plants grow and mature. Plant a Kauri a Totara or Rimu---call it your own.  Check it out every so often when you are wandering around your farm. Talk about it to others.
Rear a calf or a lamb. What a great experience for children to look after an animal, call it by name and watch it grow. 000 3120 1Here is Leon feeding his calf
  • Experience and be part of the biodiversity of country life. Sense the seasons come and go and how they impact on daily life on the farm.  You can do this at Gracefarm without having to do the work or have the responsibility of managing the effects.
  • Learn some essential farming skills. Gracefarm plans to always have experienced farm managers farming the land.



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