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Gracefarm Park

Freehold Sections

Q. What can I (we) use our land for

A. What would you like to do?  Each section is freehold.  You can largely do what you would do on any freehold section but there is greater opportunity here.  Firstly it is a place for a home but as the sections are about one acre each, there is scope to do such things as rear a calf or lambs and graze them. About half an acre will graze several sheep or a calf to 12 months of age. When these animals grow to big for your land there is always the possibility that you could graze them on the common land which you share ownership.  You may like to have other animal/pets such as hens. We expect lot owners however to be considerate of other lot owners and the rules of Grace farm Inc also prohibit the ownership of pigs as they can smell and 'plough up' the land.  Other owners may just want to create a garden or shrubbery. You may be able to carry a small pony but some hard feed and stabling may be required.

Q.What can we build on our land.

A. Normal building consents are required. It is important for everyone who has ownership on Gracefarm that a good standard of housing is maintained. Therefore Gracefarm Inc.Society, (which is like a Body Corporate)which manages the common land and interests of the owners, has the right to approve house plans.  The requirements are not onerous. There is a minimum floor are of 125 square metres. We've set a low minimum floor are as we expect some potential owners will not have need of a large home. We're more focused on neatness and blending in with the rural surrounds than on size.  No second hand building materials are to be used without approval of Gracefarm Inc.. Find out more by going to page 11 of the Owners hand book.

The Consent Order has specified a maximum solid surface area (roof and concrete drive ways etc) of 600 square metre for each site
The Consent order allows for accessory buildings on each site such as a garage/workshop
The Consent order limits the number of household units for each site to one.  Commercial Home stays or minor household units are not permitted

Common Land

Q What involvement is required of lot owners in the care of the land in which we share ownership.

 You can have almost as much and definitely as little involvement as as you prefer. The is NO obligation to do anything other than enjoy it. That's a key component for owners in Gracefarm.
The productive land is managed under a lease to a qualified farmer. The lease agreement specifies the lessee responsibility to manage and maintain the land.
The conservation land is fenced and secured. Any finishing work on this is the responsibility of the Consent holders (Ray and Pam Hollis). It should then largely look after itself. Owners however are encouraged to take an interest in both the farm activities and the conservation. You may like to plant a tree or two such as Kauri or Rimu and have the pleasure of watching them grow. You could place a name tag and date of planting for future reference.  There may be some weed control which owners may voluntarily help with or, if there is a requirement for this and no volunteers available to help, Gracefarm Inc will have rental income to employ someone to do this.
Likewise the common roadway and front entrance planting will require maintenance.  If this is not done voluntarily a caretaker will be employed out of rental income.
There are other areas of involvement such as being an executive member of Gracefarm Inc. At least 3 members including a secretary/treasurer are elected at the AGM. The Executive are responsible to carry out the day to day management and administration of Gracefarm Inc on behalf of all owner/member. We hope this will be an enjoyable and interesting task. As Gracefarm will finally have only 12 owner/members and as we believe we have set it up with good rules and guidelines(handbook) we're not anticipating any undue problems.
There is also the potential for one of the owners/members, who is particularly interested in farming, to lease the farm land. It is encouraging that one of the new owners has already expressed an interest in doing that in a few years time. 

Q Can we learn about farming

A. Yes you can
. Ray has a lifetime experience in farming and while he is working the land he welcomes those who want to take an interest in farming. Ray is currently the lessee of Gracefarm and is the developer. Young people or old who would like to be there to watch and learn or help with stock work such as shifting, sorting or  attending to stock health are welcome. There is also opportunity to learn fencing and water supply reticulation and maintenance.  We may have some sheep from time to time and you can learn about them and help with shearing or even lambing.  Generally the farm land is grazing replacement dairy hefiers up to 2 years of age.  These are quiet stock and enjoyable to have close contact with. Down load photo of family helping to move the stock

Q. Can we have any of our own stock on the common land such as a horse

A. Yes you can. What's more the farmer/lessee may look after it in your absence. Arrangements for grazing domestic animals such as a horse will need to be made with the farmer/lessee. The lessee is paying a market rent for the land which provides the income to Gracefarm Inc to help maintain the road etc and to distribute a dividend back to owners. Therefore any arrangemnt to graze a horse will need to be on a commercial basis
We expect that owners may also choose to graze some stock for domestic consumption and this is quite permisable so long as the stock are owned by the individuals for at least 28 days prior to slaughter. There are registered home kill butchers in the area. 

Q. Is it possible to develop or construct other facilities on the common land for common use

A. Yes it is.  
The way forward? A proposal would be  put forward at an AGM. The rules guide the voting on this. It has already been suggested by one owner that it would be great to have a new farm barn and have a room at one end with essential cooking facilities and use it to gather members together for a social time and/ or meal. Or some may be keen on a horse dressage ring. It is a matter for members to work these sort of arrangements out following the rules.

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