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Working Farm

Gracefarm productive working farrm

Here is some detail about the land


45 hectare high producing pasture Land, topdressed annually with lime and phosphate

50 paddocks

About 20 years age this was a small dairy farm

Good internal limestone metalled access roads

Dual water supply--dam and community water supply scheme. Read more about this scheme.

Water reticulated to water troughs in all paddock

Cattle yard and loading ramp. Part of the old cowshed yard.




Stock farmed here on gracefarm

Dairy replacement heifers: grazed on contract for local dairy farmers.

The farm carries 150 yearlings in winter and 200 yearlings in spring

Heifers are grazed on a weight gain contract.

Heifers normally achieve over the target weight of 450 kg live weight by 22 months of age

Heifers are weighed regularly

Download image of dairy heifers grazing on gracefarm

Gracefarm_working Gracefarm__working cattle.jpg GraceFarm_working_Yards


Management of the working farm.


Ray Hollis is the current lessee of Gracefarm by lease agreement with Gracefarm Inc. Society.

Ray has been farming the property for the past 20 years.

Professionally, Ray is a Reg Farm Management Consultant with extensive experience in farm management

Ray enjoys putting the knowledge he has into practice.

Ray farms the land carefully and sustainably, applying best on farm practice. 

The farm is run to achieve a  low carbon foot print.

There has been no tractor  on the farm  in the time Ray has owned and managed the land

Skilled stock management facilitates pasture care

Weed spraying is undertaken using a motorised knapsack spray unit which targets weeds and uses minimal chemicals

Very little artificial nitrogen is used.

Farm management practise is focussed on encouraging clovers to grow vigorously and produce nitrogen through the natural nitrogen fixation cycle.

Since Gracefarm sold the first section on this subdivision, Ray entered into a lease with Gracefarm Inc Society is the administrating body for Gracefarm Park.  Down load the lease argeement here  



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